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DA Document Manager Press Kit

We at Group Seven Technology really appreciate your interest in the DA Document Manager. We have compiled this page to make it easier for you to research and share Digital ArcHound with your audience.

The DA Document Manager is the premier digital document management system. Now users can quickly and easily manage all of their documents from one very easy to use interface. Most importantly, the enhanced Search capabilities make finding those documents a snap.

The Press Kit is a single zipped file which includes:

  • Our Latest Press Release VIEW
  • Comprehensive List of Features, shown below
  • Each of the Screenshots and text VIEW
  • Product Box Graphics
  • Product Logo

Note: Press Kit file is less than 2 megabytes in size


    Comprehensive List of Features
  • Dozens of Skins are available for you to make your DA Document Manager just the way you want to see it
  • Easily Reset Appearance with the click of a button and all the screen defaults and layout size are reset
  • Active monitoring of folders for automatic notification of new PDF documents
  • Archive Recovery will reconcile any orphaned files that may exist
  • Combine multiple documents into one document and email or archive them
  • Document Detection Notification Popup Window - for batch and delayed processing of detected documents, even process existing PDF files in selected folders
  • Import to Archives will allow batch importing directly into your archive Vault
  • You may enable or disable Monitored Folders to watch for archiving; My Documents, Desktop, Application Data and Common or Local Application Data folders
  • You may select a folder to automatically watch for new PDF documents to archive
  • When the PDF Digitizer Printer icon appears in the PDF Printing Ribbon Group on the Tools Ribbon Tab, it will download and install the ArcHound PDF Digitizer
  • With the FREE Digitizer anything you can print, can be made into a PDF, fast and easy! (Available for 32-bit Operating Systems only)
  • Ability to move or relocate archive vault to another drive or folder
  • Digital ArcHound supports Windows 7, Vista, and XP (32-bit and 64- bit) operating systems
  • Full backup and restore to hard drive or USB Flash Keys
  • Control your scanner and initiate scans from the Ribbon in the DA Document Manager
  • Robust controls with WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) scanners
  • Scan your files into 1 page and easily Split that file into single pages for reordering or archiving as individual documents
  • A robust and powerful Google type search engine provides enhanced searches
  • Choose how many Search Results you want to see; 10, 20, 50, 100 or All Results with just the click of a mouse
  • Delete single or multiple archives using the Delete button once you have checked the items to delete
  • Display your Search Results to sort by Title, Date on Document, Archived, Processed, Created/ Scanned either Ascending or Descending
  • Easily email an archive or a number of archives by checking the items and clicking either Email or Attach to Email for multiples
  • To make changes to existing archives, just Copy to Workspace or Move to Workspace to make the updates to your document
  • Perform your Searches using a complete range of filters to get what you need quickly
  • Quickly and easily add pages to existing PDF files already in your archives
  • Recall your archives by Category from the Manage Storage Task Mode with a single click
  • Searching by date offers single click options like; Today, Within the past Week, This Month, Last Month or you may Specify a Date Range
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics help to resolve those really unusual Windows situations
  • Email a new Feature Request right from the application, we want to hear from our users
  • Many user definable and customizable features like Load on Startup and Start in Tray
  • Temp File Cleanup for the stubborn files that just seem to not go away
  • Tip of the Day helps new users with bite size nuggets of help each time the start the application
  • Auto Fill Form takes existing PDF or Search Results and with a click fills in your current form saving lots of retyping
  • User defined Categories or Subcategories allow you to Add New, Edit, or Delete
  • Document pages may be reordered or deleted as needed while in the Workspace
  • Drag and Drop from Windows or an Email right onto the Workspace
  • Drag and Drop to create a PDF from BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and other image types
  • Drag-n-drop Reordering: individually scanned documents can be reordered by dragging the document icons into the order that you desire
  • Split a multi-paged PDF into single page documents with the click of a button
  • Store and quickly search by Title, Keywords, Descriptions and even your Notes
  • Supports 90° CW, 90° CCW and 180° document rotations
  • Supports adding password protection to new or existing documents
  • Supports both 96DPI and 120DPI for Medical, X-Rays, Maps, Genealogy and other important images and documents
  • The ability to turn on or off the dates you want to track on your archives
  • The Workspace allows you to Combine and View or Combine and Email documents without the need to save them
  • Time saving Context Menus are available by right-clicking
  • User definable Tags make tagging for open or unfinished items a snap, as well as tagging Business Related items
  • Workspace Form in the Add Documents mode is resizable
  • Workspace Viewer window is resizable and collapsible for efficient viewing or handling of documents and images


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