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In the latest 2016 release

DA Document Manager is the most advanced software application available for Windows. Amazing features and powerful functionality are the flagship of DA Document Manager. If you think that Digital ArcHound had some great features then fasten your seatbelt because DA Document Manager is going to amaze you!

We listen closely to our users

The enhancements found in the DA Document Manager are not just suggestions from our users, they are ideas in detail of our users. In some cases we have dialoged with users to develop the idea and better understand their needs. This is not something we have done just in this release, but always. We will continue to listen to the needs of our users and work continually to implement those requests.

2016 features

  • New user interface based on the Microsoft Office Ribbon
    Use of Ribbon Page Groups and the Ribbon Quick Access Tool Bar really help to accomplish the same work with fewer clicks and are organized in such a way, that it just makes sense User Request
  • Built-in PDF Viewer
    Adobe Reader is no longer required - The new DA Fastview is a very quick document viewer that is built in
    Third party PDF viewers can be integrated if they are registered with the IE browser User Request
  • Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP Compatible User Request
  • Drag-and-drop a new document to combine within a previously archived document
    Saves lots of time when archiving User Request
  • Automatically fill workspace form
    Use the attributes of a new PDF to automatically fill in the workspace form User Request
    Save a new document using a previous document's details User Request
    Reduce or eliminate typing and en
    sure documents are added to the appropriate categories to minimize mistakes
  • TWAIN and WIA Scanner Support
    Supports most scanners that include TWAIN or WIA drivers User Request
    Provides better control of your scanner within the DA Document Manager
    DA Document Manager will now control; Deskew, Crop and Remove Dots (If your scanner supports these features)
  • Enhanced search options
    Now includes search by many more options User Request
  • Subcategories dependent on categories
    keep your sub-category list clutter free by using the dependent subcategory feature User Request
  • Two new user definable, color coded tags User Request
    Can be used for outstanding or “to do” items that may require your attention at a later time
    Tag outstanding items such as medical or financial issues
  • Password protection for confidential documents
    Once you type in a password for a document, it is remembered while the client software is running User Request
  • Powerful Importing Tools
    Rebuild your databse using the Archive Recovery

    Import to Archives for fast importing of numerous documents directly into the Archives User Request
  • Copy or Move Archived Documents from Search Results into the Workspace
    Fast an easy merging with other documents, reordering pages, splitting, rotating, or other document management features User Request
  • New Licensing Options User Request
    Family license: includes licensing for server and up to 3 client workstations
    Standard license: includes licensing for server and up to 5 client workstations
    Small Business: includes licensing for server and up to 10 client workstations
  • Powerful diagnostics and recovery tools including database redundancy
    Periodically your ArcHound Database will be backed up just in case your nightly backup does not save all the work you've be doing today
  • And many other user requested features User Request


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